Peter Sachs Collopy

Peter I’m a historian, technologist, and media scholar based in Los Angeles. I’m a Mellon Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Digital Humanities Program the University of Southern California, where I’m also affiliated with the Department of History and the Visual Studies Research Institute.

My research brings together the histories of science, technology, media, and the American social movements that have made use of them. In my dissertation, “The Revolution Will Be Videotaped: Making a Technology of Consciousness in the Long 1960s,” I explored how video was used to think about mind and society by following video recorders and the feedback discourse that accompanied them through American institutions of art, psychiatry, radical politics, and television broadcasting.

I’ve recently published parts of this research as “Video Synthesizers: From Analog Computing to Digital Art” in the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing and as the brief video “The Revolution Will Be Videotaped: Making a Technology of Consciousness in the Long 1960s” in Technology’s Stories.

I’ve also published research on scientific disputes about race in the middle of the twentieth century as “Race Relationships: Collegiality and Demarcation in Physical Anthropology” in the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences. My other research interests include the histories of experiential education, personal computing, the concepts of analog and digital, and theistic evolutionism.

I post on Twitter and Medium.

Finally, if you’re interested in reading either of my articles but aren’t affiliated with a university or library that subscribes to the journal it appeared in, please email me; I would literally be delighted to share my work with you.


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