Becoming Caltech, 1910–1930: Presentations from the Archives

📺 Heidi Aspaturian, Judith Goodstein, Loma Karklins, Elisa Piccio, and Peter Sachs Collopy, Caltech, June 11, 2020

A century ago, a small institution called Throop Polytechnic Institute dramatically reinvented itself, transforming from a manual arts academy to an engineering school, then expanding into a research institute. In 1920, it became the California Institute of Technology. In summer 2020, Caltech archivists gave a series of livestreamed presentations on the science, engineering, architecture, and community life of early Caltech.

Subjects: archives, biology, Caltech, chemistry, education, engineering, gender, genetics, geology, medicine, physics, race, science, technology, universities
Category: presentations