Virtual Talks with Video Activists: Dean and Dudley Evenson

📺 Dean Evenson, Dudley Evenson, and Peter Sachs Collopy, Media Burn Archive, February 3, 2022

Dean and Dudley Evenson are video pioneers who became immersed in the half-inch scene when in 1970 they happened to purchase the first AV Series Sony video portapack sold in Manhattan. They became members of the Raindance video group and co-edited Radical Software, working under grants from New York State Council on the Arts. They taught video to high school students through the Arts Awareness Program at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Dean was the first person to hook up a half-inch video deck to the Sterling Manhattan Cable system paving the way for Public Access Television. They also ran Downsville TV in upstate New York where they would video local people and events and drive their VW Van to a telephone pole where they plugged into the cable head end and transmitted their weekly programs. During the 1970s, Dean and Dudley lived and traveled the country in a converted school bus documenting what they called ‘the emerging consciousness.’ They created hundreds of half-inch videos which they have been archiving and releasing on their Soundings Mindful Media YouTube Channel.

Subjects: art, counterculture, media, technology, video, visual culture
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