Electronic Artist Nam June Paik Celebrated in SFMOMA Retrospective

🎧 Alexis Madrigal, Kota Ezawa, Rhonda Holberton, and Peter Sachs Collopy, KQED Forum, July 23, 2021

In the first retrospective of his work on the West Coast, SFMOMA’s current exhibition on electronic art pioneer Nam June Paik features more than 200 works from the artist whose five-decade career “changed the way we look at screens.” One of most acclaimed of the first generation of video artists, Paik’s early work in the 1960s changed perceptions of television, video and the boundary between art and spectator through its integration of camera, video, music and performance. We’ll talk about Paik’s work and legacy, and we’ll hear from contemporary video artists who will discuss Paik’s impact on their own art.

Subjects: art, consciousness, counterculture, media, technology, video, visual culture
Category: discussions