Archiving Communities of Resilience and Resistance in Caltech’s Present & Past

📺 Nivetha Karthikeyan, Rochelle Diamond, Edray Goins, Melany Hunt, and Peter Sachs Collopy, Caltech Alumni Association, April 7, 2021

The legacy of Caltech is marked by stories of injustice. It is also marked by the communities forged in the face of that injustice, exclusion, and bigotry. In this virtual event hosted on April 27, 2021, a panel of current and former members of Caltech’s staff, faculty, and student body (Rochelle Diamond, Dr. Melany Hunt, and Dr. Edray Goins) offered reflections on their personal histories of organizing, agitating, and advocating on campus.

In doing so, we consider the ways that remembering those histories - through practices of archiving and other forms of memory work - can inform, ground, and inspire present and future activism at Caltech.

The event also included remarks from Dr. Peter Collopy, Caltech’s University Archivist, and was facilitated by Nivetha (Niv) Karthikeyan as part of her 2020 Milton and Rosalind Chang Prize project, “Intersections: Building Solidarity Through Community Archives.”

This event was hosted by Athena Castro and Greg Fletcher in the Caltech Y.

Subjects: archives, Caltech, gender, politics, race, sexuality, universities
Category: discussions